I'm having some trouble getting a Lingo script to work and am hoping someone
can see what I'm doing wrong and offer some help on how to correct it. I am
working with a map on which I've placed a series of dots. I want the arrow
cursor to turn into a pointing finger cursor when the arrow passes over the
dot. At the same time I have some dots set to a 0 blend and others set to
100. The various blends change during the course of the movie. The problem
is that the cursor script disregards the blends of the sprites and changes
no matter if the blend is set to 0 or 100. I'm using the cursor rollover
script included with Director 8.5, although I've made a few changes to
accomodate what I'm trying to do. Here's my edited script (explanation

global gCheck

on beginSprite me
if (sprite(the currentSpriteNum).member = member "Blue Dot") and (the
blend of sprite(the currentSpriteNum) = 100) then
SetSpriteCursor me
set gCheck = TRUE
else set gCheck = FALSE
end if
end beginSprite

on endSprite me
if gCheck = TRUE then
mySprite.cursor = mySavedCursor
set gCheck = FALSE
end if
end endSprite

(the rest of the script remains the default)

My thought was that the script check to see if the dot cast member is turned
on and set to blend 100 and if it is then perform the rollover script. The
gCheck variable is supposed to keep track of the cursor was changed for a
cast member (so that it doesn't foul things up when passing over a non-dot
cast member).

Does anyone see my error?

Thank you,
Matthew Green