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Andrew Falanga <> wrote:
>Don't know if it matters or not but I'm using Solaris 8. I want my
>shell to embed a new line character in the prompt value. For example,
>currently my prompt is:
>[/current/dir] >
>I'd like it to be:
> >
>I'm using this in .profile:
>export PS1='[$PWD] >'
>I've tried doing something like PS1='[$PWD] \n>'. But all I get is
>[/current/dir] n> in my prompt. So, how is this done?
export PS1='[$PWD]
> '
Note: If you are typing this to the shell, when you type the CR,
the ksh will print a "> " on the next line, so what you will see
if you do this from the traditionalshell prompt is:

$ export PS1='[$PWD]
> > '
The characters in these two columns are produced by the shell.

Another alternative, if you are using vi-mode within ksh, is to type:

$ export PS1='[$PWD]^V^J> '
where ^V is control-V and ^J is control-J to accomplish this.