I have a question about the Automate>Contact Sheets function in Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and 7.0. Is it possible to customize the layout of the thumbnails on the page? The reason I ask is because I am in the process of creating seating charts, complete with the student's names and pictures, for the Professors here at the Univ. of Denver. In the past we have used Microsoft Word tables to create the charts, but not only is that an extremely time-consuming process (involving copying and pasting each picture and typing in the students' names), the charts did not really resemble the classrooms due to the fact that the Word tables are straight but in reality the rows of seats form a curve. So what I would really like to do is automate the process . Perhaps I could import the classroom floorplan as an image file, and create the contact sheet according to the seat coordinates, for example, the student sitting in Row A Seat 2 would be placed in the bottom row second seat over based on it file name A2--Joe Smith). I'm not sure whether this is a good explanation but I believe that this task might require us to create "hot-spots" on the chart to represent each seat. So if anyone knows how to customize Contact Sheets or is familiar with any other way we might be able to generate these charts more efficiently, then your help would be immensely appreciated. Thank you very much!

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