I am just getting started with flash scripting.
My downfall is trying to get the dynamic output to display in flash. I tried using the list component,
but there didn't seem to be a way of formatting the data into columns, so I'm trying to get my data
in to individual cells in a DataGrid.

My example is very simple. I use the; inst.sendAndLoad(); objet to get data from a CF .cfm script.
The data returned looks like this;

//This is the output from the Debug list variables
Variable _level0.LoadLastName = [object #148, class 'LoadVars'] {
Variable _level0.LastNameIn = [object #149, class 'LoadVars'] {
onLoad:[function 'onLoad'],


I have been able to get the data to display on the grid using the DataGrid.addItem(), but it all loads to one column. I know there are other Methods such as .addItemAt().... Just not sure where to start.

I would like the output to look like this;

| Last Name | First Name | Extension |
| Abel | Todd | 5953 |
| | | |