Hi - hope someone can help with this datagrid issue - I think it's just a small
bit of code I've got to tweak. Might be some useful information to someone here

I've got a datagrid populated by info from mysql via amfphp.

I've managed to create a column that multiplies the qty and price fields:


var column2 = new DataGridColumn();
column2.headerText = "sum";

column2.labelFunction = customLabelFunction2;
column2.columnName = 'sum';

function customLabelFunction2(item:Object):Number {
// if (item == undefined) return undefined;
var sumtotal = round2D(Number(item.item_price) * Number(item.qty));
return sumtotal;

//helps to make decimals
function round2D (nr){
var tmp = String(nr)
var pos = tmp.substr(tmp.indexOf(".")+1)
if(tmp.indexOf(".")==-1) return nr+".00" //no decimals
else if(pos.length==1) return nr+"0" //1 decimal
else return Math.round (Number(nr) * 100) / 100 //2 or more

Now I'd like to get a total of all the items in the 'sum' column - the
following code works to add up the 'price' column but the same approach doesn't
seem to work for the 'sum' column - perhaps because the figures are generated
by a function?

function getTotal(){
var totalPrice = 0;
for(var i=0; i<root.dgCart.length; i++) totalPrice +=
root.txttotal.htmlText = "Total: "+ round2D(totalPrice);

If anyone here could shed the light, I'd be sooooo greatful!