Hi guys and gals,

I've just started playing with datagrid and have a quick question. I'm
pulling my data from a SQL database using a Coldfusion component and then using


to populate, which works great, except that the column headings are the
original SQL field names...F_USR_FN won't really tell my users that this is
the "First Name".

I tried populating the Column Names with more recognisable terms, using

DataGridInstance.setColumns("First Name", "Surname", "Address 1" etc.....)

But this did something weird...yes it changed the column headings, but it
didn't DISPLAY the data. However it DID seem to populate the datagrid...I'd
get a scrollbar and I could select a "blank" row. Once selected I could even
sort based on the data that was supposed to be there and my selected row would
move into the correct "sorted" place

So first question - what the hell is going on here?! And does anyone know how
to get round it?

Not put off by my initial problem, I've looked for a solution in the
meantime...namely Aliasing the field names when I query the database e.g.
SELECT f_usr_fn AS [First Name].

That works fine - nice column heading, visible data...good result...almost.
Because my field names contain spaces I now can't reference the selected items

DataGridInstance.getSelectedItem().First Name

as it obviously falls over.

So, if you can help me on either solution I'd be very grateful.