OK, I've gotten the page to display the same HTML all the
time by setting the clientTarget property to uplevel. The
page still doesn't display correctly in Netscape browsers
though. The formatting tags are there, they just aren't
being applied. Has anyone ran into a problem like this in
the past? Am I missing something??

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>I have an ASP .NET app that has a datagrid control on it
>that I use absolute formatting on. It works fine with IE
>but on of the requirements for the project is that it be
>compatible with Netscape 6.2 (evil words on here, uh-
>oh!). When I try to view the datagrid in Netscape 6.2,
>the datagrid displays fine, but my formatting (column
>(i.e.width=2.25in)) isn't applied. After viewing the
>source for the page, the page is rendered in HTML 4.0
>(i've heard that maybe it was in HTML 3.2 since it was NS
>browser) but the td:width formatting tags are not there.
>How can I work around this? Why does it not render all
>the formatting tags for the NS browser? I'm sure it's
>very capable of handling them. Is there something I can
>set in the web.config file to make it render IE html all
>the time(even to a NS browser)? I thank anyone that can
>help me.