Well I replied to Puzzled because he can't reply in a thread, instead posts a new thread.
You don't have that problem so Puzzled is connecting to the same NNTP server using the same
OE News Client version, yet he says he get the error --
"...The newsgroup rec.photo.digital.slr-systems' could not be resolved. Yet I always seem
able to send a New Post."

That indicates Puzzled is having the problems and its not the server nor his News Client.

Dave L.

"David J Taylor" <david-taylorinvalid.com> wrote in message
| David H. Lipman wrote:
| > I don't know why you should have that problem. At least now I
| > understand "why".
| >
| > It looks like you are using MS Outlook 6 SP2 on WinXP SP2 right ?
| > It must be the NNTP server you are using; news.uni-berlin.de
| I'm using the same combination and you don't complain about my posts.
| No, I'm using Outlook Express 6 SP2 - is that what you meant?
| David