Cory Baker ( writes:
> I am receiving the following assertion occasionally:
> Visual C++ Runtime Library Assertion failed!
> File: q:\SPHINX\NETLIBS\nt\ssock\src\ntssock.c
> Expression: 0 == pConnectionObject->fCallCheck
> My application was created in VC6 using dblib with SQL
> Server 2000 running on Windows 2000 Server.
> Has anyone else seen this and know how to resolve it?
I guess the evil answer is that you should rewrite your application
in modern steaming client library, and forget all about DB-Library,
but I guess you already know that.

For a more serious answer... are you getting this on the client-side,
or the server-side? I assume it is on client-side.

I don't have much of a clue, but try to recompile the application
using the include files and link libraries that comes with SQL 2000,
rather than using the files that comes with VC++.

Erland Sommarskog, SQL Server MVP, [email][/email]

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