I had the same thing happen on one of our boxes.

I ran the repair option from the visual studio.net installation cd that
fixed it.

I hope it works for you too.

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"David Hogenkamp" <david.b.hogenkampoffice.xerox.com> wrote in message
> I just upgraded to VS 2003. When I opened an existing
> project it asked if I wanted to upgrade it. I did this
> however when I tried to debug it I came up with an error
> about not having the .net framework 1.1 installed on the
> web server. I then installed it. Now I can't get the
> debuger to work for either 2002 or 2003. 2003 comes up
> with an error message that the debugger was not properly
> installed. The 2003 message says that it can't start the
> debuger on the web server. I have looked over the post's
> here and gone over the suggestions from here and
> Microsoft to no avail. Any help would be aprecaited