On Tue, 26 Aug 2003 21:27:33 -0700, "Nancy S"
<nancyandtomearthlink.net> wrote:
>As far as I know the only way to scan/edit is exactly what it sounds like you're doing...
>File>Import>Twain or Scanner>Scan>Close Scanning SW>scan now available for editing in PSE workarea
>I don't really understand "have it set permanently on one of my selections" but I'm guessing I answered it above.
>Come back if I have misunderstood please.

Here is the problem:

Say - I want to scan a picture to PE2.

I open PE-2, and click on the "Connect to Camera or Scanner" bar.
Then a window opens called "Select Import Source"
Here I have several sources to choose from, one of which is my desired
scanner. I select it from the list and click "OK".

Now - I would like to have PE-2 remember my default scanner (much in
the same way as Windows remembers a specifc printer for example) and
with ONE click would get me to the scanner every time I want toscan

Simple but efficient.

Has anyone at Adobe thought about it.....???