Hi all,
I have a MySQL server running 4.1.20 on Red Hat AS 4 that is ted
to 2 other RHEL AS 4 servers running the same MySQL version. Here is my
issue... I have recently created a table that contains a few fields
that are frequently inserted and then deleted/updated. The table is the
same on all 3 servers. For some reason the updates/deletes are not
ted to the table only. All other tables in the database (as well
as 2 other ted DB's) are properly ted. I am seeing the
delete statement in the binary logs on the master as well as the relay
log on the slave so I know the command is being ted, it is just
not being executed for some reason. Here is an example of what I am
seeing in the tion log:

# at 311738
#060925 14:44:23 server id 1 log_pos 111197 Query thread_id=44156413
exec_time=0 error_code=0
SET TIMESTAMP=1159209863;
insert into queue (pid, frt, nmbr) values (17851840, 4135680005,
# at 319952
#060925 14:44:30 server id 1 log_pos 119411 Query thread_id=0
exec_time=0 error_code=0
SET TIMESTAMP=1159209870;
DELETE FROM queue WHERE id=206411;

Yet, I still see the record on the slave after the DELETE is run:

mysql> select * from queue;
| id | pid | proc_id | frt | nmbr |
| 206411 | 17851840 | NULL | 4135680005 | 861168 |

I can manually run the DELETE and it works fine. The records are the
same before the DELETE is run on the master. I am not sure what could
be causing the problem. There is nothing in the MySQL logs and the
slave services show no issues.