Hi again,
I am setting 2 cookies like so:(setCookie.php)

setcookie("name1","1","0","",".bestwebhosters.com" );
setcookie("name2","1","0","",".bestwebhosters.com" );
echo "done";

then I am trying to delete the second cookie like so:(delCookie.php)

echo "done";
<a href=http://bestwebhosters.com/testing/ReadCookieEx.php>Read</a>

When I check ReadCookie it shows me that both hav been deleted....why?
How can i delete just one of the two cookies?

(for those of you intrested heres my ReadCookie file)
if (isset($_COOKIE ['name1'])){
echo $_COOKIE ['name1'];
}else{echo "wrong1";}

if (isset($_COOKIE ['name2'])){
echo $_COOKIE ['name2'];
}else{echo "wrong2";}

Kindly reply.