Hello, I have a local and a remote host and I can't get DW to deploy the
updated pages to the remote host when doing a PUT site. Once in awhile it
works, but most of the time doesn't. There are three platforms: (1) Local
-- This is where I have my local IIS on my computer (XP) (2) Remote -- This is
my web hosting site (remote). (3) Test -- Also pointed to my web hosting site
(remote). Ideally I would like to develop on my local machine and then PUT the
site via the menu command to the host and / or test server. An even better
option is that I will have two different sub webs on my web hosting, one is
production and the other is test. A real deployment method would be for the
end user to test in test and then deploy the site from test to production. Any
way to accomplish this? Picky