Howdy Fellas,

I've got this problem .. not really a problem but still some thing to my
disliking. For a project I wrote some database handling class, no big deal.
When a function from this module is called with a query containing an error,
or some other error occurs inside this class it reports to my that an error
occured inside that class. "Line blabla of". But what
I really want to know is on what line the $Database->select() or such was
called so that I can effectively trace the error.

So, for effective error reporting I would like to know if there are
functions or constants containing
- the script-name a user-function is called from
- the linenumber of this script a user-function is called from

- And maybe it would even be doable to get an entire stack-trace of files
and lines and functions to the point an error (or any other thing I would
like to trace to) occurrs.


ps. or do I want too much now?