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} I finally upgraded my OS X to the Jaguar version 10.2.6. There seems to
} be some new functionallity with the help key (the key just below F13 and
} above del). This key launches the help application in some instances,
} in others it just turns the mouse pointer into a large question mark.
} Is there anyway to disable this new feature? It's playing havock with
} one of my java applications where I'm using the key to toggle between
} insert and overwrite modes (the key is in the same location as the
} insert key on windows keyboards). Thanks for any help.

There may be a really ugly, nasty way to do it, which is probably very
effective, I may yet try it myself.

Without going into heavy detail, get your keyboard layout from your
system file in OS 9 (you cannot do this from OS X per se) and modify the
primary keyboard layout in ResEdit so that that particular key maps to
nothing. After doing this, you must move the resource fork of the
keyboard file into the data fork, rename it something like JKeys.rsrc
and put it in /Library/Keyboard Layouts/

If that does not work, you would have to modify the actual keyboard
layout (the hardware representation of the keyboard in
/System/Library/Keyboards/ - I have not a clue how to go about doing
that, tread with extreme caution.