On Mon, Feb 14, 2005 at 02:35:18AM +0000, John wrote:
> Hello list
> How can I see what process is eating my swap? vmstat indicates that the swap
> is being eaten, but by what? If it all gets eaten, badness occurs.
> I'm running freebsd 5.3-release-p5.
> thanks for any input
A good start would be to just look at the output of `ps aux` and to
focus on the memory related columns: %MEM VSZ RSS. Take special note of
which processes are using large portions of memory. Use can also use
top(1) and then sort based on memory usage. I guess I'm suggesting that
rather than trying to figure out what is using all your swap, to turn
the search around and try to find what is using all your physical
memory such that intense swapping becomes necessary.


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