I saw this post in the marcomedias.com site and I am very disturbed about it. Are we really wasting our time waiting on MM to respond with an update. I, for one will not be holding my breath waiting on these jokers.


MM regards you freehand users as a fringe group. They don't invest the money or time or effort becuase there is no ROI(Return on Investment). Yes, these are acutal words used by actual people currently working at MM- including Kevin Lynch. If you have listening a brave soul who still works there at MM, get them to post the email in which he said it. Fringe has been said to Betsy Nelson and she has agreed with the assesment. I was a wintness to that event.

However, they continue to put it out becuase the 6 people that work on Freehand are so dedicated that they practically do all the work on it in their free time. So MM takes the profit they make on you - dedicated users, the guaranteed money- to fund other, failing catastrophies like Cold Fusion. This is why most of the req.s that you put in aren't answered- because the engineers really have no time. Funny though, they have the motivation to keep it moving along.

People worried about cash do not care about your work because they have no appreciation for the pride you take in your work.

Macromedia is worried about cash