Hi all,

Does Interface Size Matter? Is my interface too complex?

I volunteered to design a couple of web pages, but since we don't have
a Flash programmer yet, I don't know what the limitations are.

We set up a web page with a mock up of the page…


If you can't visit the site for some reason, in general my questions

How big can an interface be before it slows things down to a crawl?

How many inputs and controls can interact on a page before things crap

Should it be one big flash movie or separate controls? Is it harder
to sync up a half-a-dozens controls or should we stick with one large
Flash interface?

What's the biggest performance hit: movement, color, size, other?

Can you point me to examples of large complex user interfaces done in

And finally, where's the best place to find Flash source code (action
script, right?)

I notice that for most programming languages the programmers are very
forthcoming with tips… when people are trying to protect "Action
Script" is it the artwork they're trying to protect or just the
programming technique or are they afraid someone will steal the whole
kit-and-caboodle? I really don't care if people know how we do
things… in fact if it were up to me (and if I had the time) I'd have
tutorials on all the art donate, but is there a good reason to try to
hide the code… security etc.?

J. Slaughter

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