We are facing the following issue while using Applescript to make web service calls

We are trying to call a dot net (“asmx” web service) using Apple script. The script is running fine without any parameters but when we introduce parameters in this script, the web service is not accepting it and is converting the parameter to a NULL value.

E.g. If I send the value ‘1’ in the param X it is converting the “1” to a NULL when I check by debugging the Webservice .

Please find the sample script written for the same. Let me know if someone can help to resolve the issue.

on BasicStore_MathService_Add()

tell application "http://basicstore.net/MathService.asmx?wsdl"
set mn to "Add"
set sa to "http://basicstore.net/MathService/Add"
set mns to "http://basicstore.net/MathService/"
set params to {x:1 as integer, y:3 as integer}
return call soap {method name:mn, parametersarams, SOAPAction:sa,
method namespace uri:mns}
end tell
end BasicStore_MathService_Add