I have created a shockwave file that builds a toroid, and I want to allow
the user to rotate the toroid once it's built, and also to build a new one
by resetting the world and creating a new model. To allow the user to rotate
the model I have attached either of the built-in Library Actions "Drag Model
to Rotate" or "Orbit Camera". However, when I reset the world and make a new
toroid and click and drag to rotate it, I get the following error:

Script error: Object has been deleted

with a reference to the line in the script with the problem:

pMember.model(aModel).rotate(pMember.model(aModel) .worldPosition, \
pCamera.transform.xAxis ,(tDiff * pSensitivity), #world)

It is true that the old model was deleted, but the new model exists and has
the same name. I have tried to modify this script in several ways, even
hard-coding the 'aModel' variable to take on the name of the toroid, which
is the same name every time I create a new one, but no luck. I'm not an
advanced Lingo programmer so it's hard to decipher the script in its
entirety. Any suggestions for solutions or work-arounds would be greatly