Hi I am having trouble in dragging a image within a loader. I am able to do
zooming and rotating image but not moving image with mouse. Purpose is when I
zoom a image info is out of boundaries and so is hidden. To see that info users
should be able to drag the image any way they want. Please help.

<mx:HBox id="tabsHBox" x="5" y="50" width="98%" height="100%"
<mx:TabNavigator id="imageTab" height="100%" width="50%" marginTop="1"
backgroundColor="#F3F4F5" y="75" creationComplete="setImage()">
<mx:VBox id="scheVBox" label="Schedule" width="495" hScrollPolicy="off"
vScrollPolicy="off" >
<mx:Loader contentPath="assets/Schedules/1AXC066Ca01.jpg"
width="475" height="100%" id="mcHolder" mouseDown="begin()"/>
<mx:VBox id="contVBox" label="Continuation">
<mx:Image id="continuation" source="assets/Schedules/1AXC066Ca01.jpg"
scaleX="70" scaleY="70" ></mx:Image>
<mx:VBox id="attVBox" label="Attachment">
<mx:Image id="attachment" source="assets/Schedules/1AXC066Ca01.jpg"
scaleX="100" scaleY="100" ></mx:Image>