I've been evaluating Dreamweaver MX for the last few weeks for possible deployment at my company and I had a few thoughts on caching.

Dreamweaver caches the site in a local copy on the user's hard drive. In addition, whenever you open a file on the remote site, it is downloaded to your local site folder for editing. However, since the site I am working on is very large, and since there are several people who run it, this seems awfully silly to me. We can use WebDAV, yes, but Homesite let us edit directly on the site. I know that's frowned upon, but we do it sometimes anyway, like when we're making small edits to files.

Is there a way to skip the local copies of files altogether, a la Homesite? If not, how have others who have deployed Dreamweaver coped with the many numbers of local copies on hard drives around the office?