my environment consists of:

webserver - apache2
app server - WebSphere 5
client dev - DWMX6.1
o/s (client) win2k
o/s (server) win server

quite happy developing in DW put when I go to publish any files (over local/network access - not ftp) the first time I do so everything is fine. If I then make changes to the file and try to re-publish or try and get from the remote site I get the following error

"An error occurred - cannot put <filename>. The opertion completed successufully."

This error seems to have appearred after I upgraded my version of apache from 1.3 to 2.0.xx. In addition if I stop apache the problem goes away but as soon as apache is restarted the problem returns.....

has anyone come across this before or have and ideas as to a cause and a solution.

Many thanks