Currently I'm trialing Dreamweaver (MX) and Contribute (3.11), to check
that it's a workable solution for my company, in terms of editing and
auditing, but right now I'm having a problem.

I have some templates (.dwt files) that I create in Dreamweaver, for
use with Contribute, i.e. I create the template, other people create
the content for our site based on the those templates.

The issue is that when I make a change to the template, I would expect
the pages created in Contribute to be refreshed to use the new
template, but that doesn't appear to be happening. The only way I can
get the page to be updated is to edit the page in Contribute, go to the
Format menu and choose 'Template Properties', then hit OK again to
close this dialog. I then see the page refresh with the new template

Am I doing something wrong? I would expect, as I mentioned, to have all
pages automatically updated when the template is saved, and published.
Is there a setting I need to turn on, or a procedure of publishing the
template that I need to adhere to?

any advice would be appreciated.