Hi all,

I don't know if what I'm about to describe is at all possible, but it is the
ideal solution to user collaboration issues we will soon be encountering.

I have created a .NET application for the main body of a new Intranet
currently under implementation. All ASP.NET pages refer to a custom 'Base Page'
(WebControlLibrary.InheritedPage.BasePage), inherited from System.Web.UI.Page
to provide additional dynamic functionality to all pages. This system all works
correctly for centrally-controlled intranet pages.

The company has purchased Dreamweaver and Contribute in the hope that these
can be used (through templates and staff collaboration) for staff 'ownership'
of pages or sub-sections of the intranet, outside the main .NET project. The
problem is that in order to get this working I understand I must develop a DWT
that may be linked into Contribute for staff to use as a basis for their pages,
but this template must also be linked to the custom 'Base Page' mentioned above.

Does anyone know if it is possible to do this using the above technologies,
and if so, do they have any good pointers as to where to start? I have begun to
look at the ASP.NET capabilities within Dreamweaver but am yet to even get the
custom Page inheritance working at this stage, never mind converting to a

If this is not possible I will need to propose an alternate solution (and may
have some software to sell!).

Thanks in advance,