I am using the DevNet Resource Kit Version 5 3D Charting components. The line chart component has a minimum line width parameter, but the minimum width I can get looks at least 5 pixels wide; a very fat line. I would like to use the component in a 2D view (actually, all I need is a 2D line chart, but I could not find any that work with ActionScript version 2 and Flash MX 2004 7.0.1.) My charts tend to have 300-600 data points in a space of 600-800 pixels.

The other problem I have is that the rendering of the line is inaccurate. If I have 10 data items in a row, and their values are 600, 600, 600, 600, 900, 600, 600, 600, 600, 600, I expect the line to look flat with one upward spike. Instead I get a line that is flat with a spike in both directions at the same place. So looking at the graph, you can't tell if the value goes up or down. It looks like I have two data points very close together whose values are far apart, but that is not reality. I can't use this component with this problem, it is misleading.

Does anyone have experience with this? Are there any other Flash MX 2004 ASv2 charting components? I don't need 3D, only 2D. All the old components are not guaranteed to work with ASv2 (due to changes in ASv2 from ASv1, such as case sensitivity.)

-David Barker