Hi everybody,
I'm trying to make Dropdown list in my presentation according to previous topic about Dropdown menu but without the success. The goal is the same:

"I would like the contents of the lists to jump to a marker in the movie. There is an option to populate the list with all the markers in the movie and this navigation method works fine. However I don't wish to list all the markers in all three lists. I would therefore like to be able to populate each list with selected markers and for each entry to jump to the relevant marker. Is it possible to set the contents of the dropdown lists yourself and still retain the 'jump to marker' functionality."

Please can somebody give me an advise or a clear example how to make it?
I will be very thankful for every help.


Hello Petrik,

I am just responding to the aforementioned request. I came accross this message and looked into it and thought that it may be helpful to mention that the developers of the behaviors in the behaviors library give a pretty detailed description of how to work and manipulate the behaviors they provide you with in the behavior library. If you open the script portion of the behavior (select the behavior member from the cast member window, go to the window dropdown menu on the main toolbar, and select "Script") and scroll down to the portion of script in all red lettering it is usually the developers full written notes describing the behavior. On the particular request here how you solve your problem. I will start from scratch.

1. Go to "Insert" on the main toolbar and select control then field.
2. A field will display itself on the stage and a member for the field will be created in the cast member view. At this point enter the text names that represent the frames or markers you would like your users to be able to visit. Note--When entering the text names (labels), in order for Director to recognize each individual label you must press enter (return) to separate the labels from one another which is better known as "Return delimited". It is also important to note that the label that you want to represent the dropdown menu must go first with the remaining ones to follow.
3. Now you can drag the behavior from the library pallete (Controls: Dropdown List) to the "field" sprite
which will create a new behavior member in the cast member view and will prompt you with an parameters option box.
4. The previous mistake being made is on step 2 and now step 4. Before, you may have created markers in the score and negated to enter your own labels in the field. Here in step 4 we will select the option to use "Current contents of the field" rather than "Markers in this movie" which creates a dropdown list of all available markers in the movie whereas the other allows you to personalize your dropdown list.
5. Next we will select the option to "Execute: go movie| go marker | do selectedLine" which will, when users place their mouse over the desired label and click for longer than a 1/2 a second, take them to the designated, in this case, "marker".
6. Other than naming your list, this is what is initially needed. Click OK and the Parameters box will close.
7. Next thing that needs to be done in order for this to work properly is to create a handler for the different labels since you have chosen to personalize your lists instead of using the default functions. This is a very easy step. Simply go to your "Cast Member View" and select an unused member box and go to the main toolbar and click on "Window: Script". This will then open the "Movie Script Window".
8. In the case of using markers as a reference point for the destination of the labels here is a sample of exactly how to input the handler script. You may even want to copy and paste this handler and just change the labels.
In a case where the labels for both the list and the markers are: "First", "Second", "Third", "Fourth"
heres what the handler script would be:
on First
go marker ("First")

on Second
go marker ("Second")

on Third
go marker ("Third")

on Fourth
go marker ("Fourth")

This simple handler will now allow users to navigate from, in this case, the "First" screen to the additional three markers from a dropdown list. Furthermore, this handler will also work in all frames that contain the dropdown list with the same dropdown menu labels.

That should be exactly what you need to get the job done, but if you need more information concerning this just reply and I'll keep my ear to the Lap.

Signing out.