Is there a way to remove the vacation setup dialog in Solaris'
dtmail ? It can be selected in two ways - directly in the "Options"
menu, and in the list available in every option dialog.

I will make my users use a home-grown menu-driven shell script
to setup e-mail forwards, vacation and spam filter options
which uses procmail. I will disable $HOME/.forward completely,
and don't want that users accidentally try to activate vacation
in dtmail, which then wouldn't work. Of course I'm going to
tell them not to use it, but there's always at least one who
forgets or ignores it. Having the vacation dialog removed
completely would help.

BTW - I noticed that dtmail, when setting "Last Day" in the
vacation dialog will schedule an "at" job which runs
"dtmail -v stop". I hadn't known that before (and never
really thought about it), but now I know why I had seen
problems like e.g. vacation not being disabled automatically
when I put a new machine on a user's desk during his
holidays -- if the old machine isn't running at "Last Day",
the "at" job won't run.

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