You need a boot manager, you can't use ntldr (the WinXP native bootloader)
as both need to "see" themselves as C (due to the way they were installed).
To avoid using a boot manager, you would need to reinstall whichever system
is on the secondary cable or is in the slave position, then do a recovery
with the WinXP CD and rebuild the bootcfg files.

Boot Managers:

BootIT NG [url]www.terabyteunlimited.com[/url]
Partition Magic [url]www.powerquest.com/partitionmagic[/url]
Partition Commander [url]http://www.v-com.com/product/pc_ind.html[/url]
Ranish Partition Manager [url]http://www.ranish.com/part/[/url]

Best of Luck,

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"jims" <hylamcsis.hku.hk> wrote in message
> I have 2 harddisks installed, one with XP and one with ME.
> I want my computer to let me choose which OS to boot in
> the startup, is that I need to use any software to do so ??
> I can now just choose to boot from which computer by
> setting the boot priority from the BIOS and as a result
> the drive letter specified for the 2 harddisk are
> different in the 2 OS which make my file linkage in some
> of the program like Access go wrong.
> Can anybody help and teach me how and what to do or give
> me any guidelines or reference site??