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    Dean Guest

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    On the rare occasions when I want to use both monitors for work space I extend the main window across both. steve Guest

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    I'm using dual monitors, one is the screen of my toshiba laptop, and the other is a 27 inch Westinghouse TV. I have no problems. Illustrator CS2 always "remembers where it belongs". Opening projects has never been a problem. They don't disappear the way you say. I dont suppose there would be any difference between your CS2 and mine, but it could be the way that the video card is configured on this toshiba laptop. The model is M35X-S111. Guest

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    Dual monitor support has been improved in CS2. However, the issues are more subtle than you would think.

    Luke: You need to state clearly what is not working for you. Illustrator CS2 is compatible with dual monitors. I use two monitors all the time with CS2. If there is a problem, i'd like to know more about it so that it can be fixed. Please provide more details. Thanks! Guest

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    The problem occurs when you have your main application window on the secondary monitor - as is often the case when you're working from a laptop (so you have a larger work area and better color fidelity). I therefore use the laptop screen for palettes etc.

    When you open a doent, sometimes the doent window will not appear. This can be resolved by going Window>Cascade. Also, if you try to drag the doent window it will not move and on mouse release it will disappear again. Again, this can be resolved by Window>Cascade (or Tile).

    I did notice that the new Illustrator does a much better job of remembering application window positions on start etc, and i am grateful for the addition of Workspaces. However, this problem I describe has been present since at least version 8 as I discovered searching through the forums and I have been waiting for them to fix it for years. I'd be very suprised if it's something to do with my video card setup (Nvidia Quadro FX Go 700, BTW) as I've been through a few laptops over the years with the same problems - and as you can see by searching the forums I'm not the only one with this issue.

    Cheers! Guest

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    Luke: I think the problem might be even more complex than that.

    My secondary monitor is on the left. My primary monitor is on the right.

    When Illustrator opens a file, it wants to try to open it up at the exact same screen coordinates where it was when it was saved. Say you saved that file while working on the primary monitor, that's where Illustrator will want to open the file.

    Yet, if you put the application window entirely onto the secondary monitor, Illustrator is forced to place that doent window at a new location...inside of the application window. The word "ENTIRELY" is key...

    If I put my application window mostly onto the secondary monitor, yet some of the application window overflows the right side of my secondary monitor onto my primary monitor, I find that I get a tiny little sliver of the doent's leaving the doent at its original position. If I look solely at my secondary monitor, it looks like nothing at all opened!

    One sure-fire workaround is to make certain your application window is entirely on the secondary do that, drag your application window to the secondary monitor, the double-click the title bar to maximize it. This does two things. It resizes the application window to the exact size of the secondary monitor so that no part of the application window content area is on any other monitor. It will force a doent which was saved on the primary monitor to be moved to a visible location on the secondary monitor.

    I think that the issue is that the program is capable of opening up a doent window with only a tiny sliver of the doent visible in the application window. Right now, we don't attempt to relocate the doent window if some clipping occurs. I agree that the logic of this operation could be improved.

    I hope you understood what I just said's always possible that i'm seeing yet another bug which is not quite what you are seeing. Thanks for your help so far! Guest

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    Hi Adam

    Thanks for your timely response. I feel I should further clarify...

    My external monitor and thus my application window are on the left, with my laptop and palletes on the right. This setup seems to work fine in all applications except Illustrator and Quark (which I only use when forced to as I much prefer Indesign).

    I always maximise the application window on the secondary screen - pre-CS2 I used to have to maximise the illustrator window every time I opened the program, but they seem to have fixed this issue (although it does seem to open on the laptop screen, then flash over to the secondary screen).

    I can't seem to pin down the behavior which causes a newly opened doent to be invisible, but more often than not it is visible these days. All newly opened or created doents seem to open in a window which is almost the full size of the application window but perhaps 80px or so lower than the menu bar. Hence my tendency to want to move the window up a bit (which causes it to disappear). So I've gotten into the habit of maximising the doent window - which cannot be done by double clicking the title bar (that makes the window disappear), I have to use the maximise button.

    I tried spanning the application window across both screens and it seems if I try and drag the doent windows using the portion of the title bar which is on the primary screen, it will move correctly. However if my cursor is on the secondary screen when I try to drag, the entire doent window disappears from both screens.

    Hope that helps!

    Luke Guest

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    Funny bizarre behavior. Bizarre Control Palette behavior too.

    I'm glad you posted a second time and I read more thoroughly. I will continue to investigate, but I would classify this as Clearly A Set Of Bugs. It's good that Cascade works to recover the doent. I don't know where the Control Palette goes, though. Negativeland no doubt.

    Embarassing for Adobe; Good for you. If I could award something other than Virtual Brownie Points, I would. Guest

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    Default Re: Dual Monitors: Does Illustrator CS2 Support This

    Thanks Adam! You've found something funny with the control palette? I haven't had any issues with that yet, touch wood. Guest

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    The multiple monitor support thing is one of the bigger gripes I have with Adobe Creative Suite 2. PhotoshopCS2 seems to be the only application that behaves in a manner with multiple monitors in mind. Even on a single monitor you can shrink the application window almost down to the title bar leaving the open doent, tool bars and palettes floating above the desktop. I like that. None of the other CS2 applications do that. Guest

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