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Dual Processor or Not? - Adobe Illustrator Macintosh

I'm about to upgrade my ageing G4 400mhz to one of the last G4s - a 1.25mhz. I need to run OS9 as I use a Illustrator 9, 8 and 6 (YES 6!) for my clients work. Would running these versions of Illustrator under a booted OS9 system benefit from a dual processor over a single processor? Thanks...

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    Default Dual Processor or Not?

    I'm about to upgrade my ageing G4 400mhz to one of the last G4s - a 1.25mhz. I need to run OS9 as I use a Illustrator 9, 8 and 6 (YES 6!) for my clients work.

    Would running these versions of Illustrator under a booted OS9 system benefit from a dual processor over a single processor?

    Thanks Guest

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    Default Re: Dual Processor or Not?

    OS 9 System and Applications benefit little (if any) from dual processors. Not even Illustrator 10 multi-processes under Mac OS X. Under OS 9, each application has to specifically be written to take advantage of dual processors. I think Final Cut Pro 3, Photoshop, iTunes/SoundJam and a couple 3D applications only took advantage of it.

    Just curious - why do you need to *boot* into OS 9? A Dual G4/G5 running Panther handles Classic very smoothly. Guest

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    Default Re: Dual Processor or Not?

    The last batch of G4's did not support booting into Classic. You could open Classic from within OS X but you could only boot into OS X. Guest

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    Default Re: Dual Processor or Not?

    Thanks Navarro & James.

    I didn't think a Dual would make much improvement. As for OSX vs OS9... I am confident of my system running under OS9 but have no experience of OSX and have heard a few horror stories. I am sure for every horror story there are 100's of success stories.

    I am running Illustrator 6, 8, 9 plus Freehand 8 & 9 (Sorry but I do have to use it very occasionally when a client asks for it). I am also running Adobe Press Ready with my printer and I don't think that works under OSX and have not tried to find any other drivers.

    So are you saying if I migrated to OSX the apps mentioned should work smoothly under Classic? When you say the last batch are those the FW800 models?

    I'm happy under OS9 and as the old saying goes "if it aint broke..." Guest

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    Default Re: Dual Processor or Not?

    Yeah, I was in the same boat. OS 9 was the bee's knees.. everything worked great. But after living in X land for a year, I would never go back!

    Mac OS X Panther is the third major version of X... it's very mature and stable. Yes, there is a learning curve. Things are just different in OS X. Some are minor, some are massive... and some you don't even notice.

    If these old applications are critical to your daily work, then don't switch. But I would suggest looking for alternative workflow solutions. If you rely on a specific Illustrator plug-in, maybe there's a better or newer way of achieving that effect. (In the case of KPT Vector Effects, you are out of luck!) I'm sure you know that Illustrator 9 and 10 can retro-save to back version 8, 7, 6, 5.5, and 3.2. I'm not sure if you really need to have all those versions installed on your computer. (Again, unless you depend on Vector Effects, which only works in Illy 8 and earlier).

    As far as Classic goes, all Adobe OS 9 applications work great. (Except for ATM Deluxe) Guest

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    Default Re: Dual Processor or Not?

    I, too, avoided OS X as long as I could, but finally I really needed to be able to process Client's files that were of the CS variety.

    My solution was to add machines (G5's, dual processor, 4GB ram) and keep my old machines running with the old apps. I had things set up where on the left row 3 G4's running OS 9 were lined up, and on the right row 3 G5's were running. Initially we were all working in the G4 row, spinning occasionally to the G5 row to try things. Sometimes we battled through the changes on the new systems, sometimes we retreated to the G4 across the aisle.

    I am happy to report that I haven't scooted across to my old G4 in many months. Even I must now admit that I'm more comfortable in OS X than OS 9.

    If there's any way to keep your old machine while you get used to the new one, that's the way to go. Then you know if push comes to shove you can always get the work done, but be diligent in learning the new stuff, and you will be rewarded.

    Good Luck!
    Tricia Guest

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    Default Re: Dual Processor or Not?

    Tricia, you are very lucky and smart to have the best of both worlds. I am having a font issue with OSX, I think.
    Dee Guest

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    Default Re: Dual Processor or Not?

    Dee, you are not alone.
    There most certainly is something going on with fonts in OSX. Initially we had Suitcase, and there were just too many instances of font errors, so we switched to Font Reserve, and many of the issues cleared up. That having been said, there are still certain fonts and font families (Futura, Helvetica to name a couple that come up constantly) that will not behave properly. They show up with random symbols in place of the proper type table. I am trying to figure out how best to deal with this, but so far whatever I try works sporadically at best. I'm beginning to believe I need fresh versions of the troublesome font families that were created post OSX.

    If anyone discovers the secret to well behaved fonts in OSX, let us know!

    Tricia Guest

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