I have a laptop, running WinXP Pro SP1, that doesn't seem
to leave the network correctly on a Suspend, Standby, or

The symptoms: When the laptop returns to the network on a
resume, wake-up, or dock...I get the error that
a "Duplicate Name Exists on the Network" -- and I will
have lost many of my network abilities...specifically any
kind of email through Outlook XP. Web browsing will still
work for most sites. (But not all!)

None of this occurs if I do "Turn off computer", undock,
re-dock, and turn the computer back on.

I'd like to be able to use Undock and Suspend without
Shutting Down.

Any idea how to make XP do a "cleaner" undock or suspend?
Any idea why it seems to leave the network so sloppily?

Thanks in advance to all who consider the problem!

Sam Friedman