I'm trying to program a game in which oranges drop down. These oranges
are created by a duplicateMovieClip. A new orange is created everytime
one is down, but the problem is, it goes down faster than the
previous. We want the oranges to have a random _x when created but we
don't want the drop speed to go faster.
Here is the code we produced so far..

This code is on the orange movieClip:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {

if (_root.newClip._y<550){
trace (_root.newClip._y);
_root.newClip._y = _root.newClip._y +20;
_root.mc.duplicateMovieClip("orang"+i, i);
_root.newClip = _root["orang"+i];
_root.newClip._x = Math.random()*450;
_root.newClip._y = -20;


Can somebody help?