What's the size of your image folder?

"juane moore" <webforumsusermacromedia.com> wrote in message
> Hello all,
> I've noticed that the performance of my DW has decreased significantly as
my images folder increases. Everytime I launch the program or try to expand
the images folder I get this huge delay.
> Such a long delay that if I open "task manager" it show it as "not
responding..." Did I mention Huge Delay...? What gives? Yes, after several
minutes it will regain consciousness so to speak but thats rediculous to
have to go through, particularly since its one of the most used folders in
my root.
> How can I increase the performance of this application? Its extremely
> Im using WinXp, 512mb RAM, DW MX 6.1, Rez = 1280x1024...
> Help Please.
> Thanks