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E-Mail Problems - Adobe Photoshop Elements

I was very confused how to set up my e-mail. I am on AOL. I must have messed up when I put in the info asked for, and now I can't figure out how to re-do it. For now, I can't email anything. Can anyone advise?? Thanks....

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    Default E-Mail Problems

    I was very confused how to set up my e-mail. I am on AOL. I must have messed up when I put in the info asked for, and now I can't figure out how to re-do it. For now, I can't email anything. Can anyone advise?? Thanks.
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    Default Re: E-Mail Problems

    AOL has excellent tech support, or so I'm told. It's very difficult to deal with these set up problems on a forum and especially on a forum for different software. There should be an 800 number somewhere for you to use to get help.

    And, if you're using AOL and Elements, know that the Help files and Tutorials for Elements will not work with the browser AOL has you install on your computer. You'll have to set things up so that a plain vanilla version of Internet Explorer is your default web browser.

    Are you sure you wanna do this AOL thing?! :) Guest

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    Default Re: E-Mail Problems

    Thank you for your reply, Beth. I think I am going to have to resort to calling the Adobe tech support number, but I have to wait until Monday. I think I can email stuff if I create a separate file, then deal with it in my AOL mail, but that is so complicated and I want to just be able to do it right from my Elements. I took a class on Photoshop Elements, and the instructor didn't warn against any AOL troubles. My head is swimming from all the routes I've taken to try to solve this problem!! Thank you again. Guest

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    Default Re: E-Mail Problems

    Oh, I misunderstood your question. I thought you were having trouble setting up your AOL e-mail account. What you're having trouble doing is using the attach as e-mail feature from Elements, right? It's very possible that the same problems with AOL's software that cause the Help and Tutorials to not work are also the cause of your e-mail problem. AOL has that browser designed specifically for them, so this would be consistent. I doubt seriously that there's a workaround, but, if Adobe can come up with one, it might be helpful to other people if you'd post it on the forum. Don't hold your breath, though! There are reports of similar problems from people using browsers customized for Compuserve and Yahoo. Adobe has to write to the most widely used ones, meaning plain vanilla Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc. Guest

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    Default Re: E-Mail Problems

    I don't know if it's different for pcs now, but on my mac I was never able to make any version of aol relate to the system the way a normal default mail app would. In earlier versions of the mac OS, Outlook Express or Netscape mail would always pop up whenever I did anything that would call up a blank email, even though I didn't use them.

    Not sure about the current pc version, but at least up till fairly recently, aol mail, like hotmail, is a proprietary program that just doesn't behave like a normal POP or IMAP mail program and you couldn't make your computer choose it as a substitute for them. That's platform independent--didn't matter whether it's a mac or a pc. Guest

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    Default Re: E-Mail Problems

    After posting my last message, I'd been thinking about you and wondering if you'd ever tried setting up your AOL mail to do this. Guess I got my answer, huh? :) Guest

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    Default Re: E-Mail Problems

    LOL, Beth. Yeah, aol mail is pretty amazing--they went to so much trouble to make sure it's not compatible with anything. Guest

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    Default Re: E-Mail Problems

    AOL is not capable of using other software either like "scan to e mail".
    Understand that e mail in the latest version has an "advanced" version for
    experienced users that may be able to handle these functions.

    Personally I found it easier to just change ISP from AOL to someone that
    used Outlook Express. That was nine years ago and I have never regretted

    Pete Guest

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    Default Re: E-Mail Problems

    I've been heartened lately by the number of people I know who are sending me messages with their new e-mail address. They're leaving AOL and going to other ISPs. I love it. Guest

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    Default Re: E-Mail Problems

    I had an interesting experience with AOL yesterday. I decided to cancel my
    account, which I hadn't used for years but my son had used for e-mail and no
    longer needed. took about 30 minutes on the phone parrying one
    attempt after another from the AOL 'service' person trying to convince me
    that I really should keep my account. They've been slammed by the FTC for
    their practices in that regard, but they apparently haven't gotten the
    message yet. I kept trying to hasten the pace, but finally the guy said he
    was required to go through his whole script; I just let it play out and did
    some reading while he was giving me the spiel. At the end, I had my
    cancellation, along with a confirmation number. 'Hassle' has been brought
    to a new level by AOL - and it may be more appropriate to spell it 'hustle'.
    Amen and good riddance... Guest

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    Default Re: E-Mail Problems

    I believe there has been quite an exodus from AOL as of late. Guest

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    Default Re: E-Mail Problems

    I have stopped receiving their CD-ROMs, after only 5 or 6 years, 4 per year... Not too bad... ;-)

    Raymond Guest

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    Default Re: E-Mail Problems

    Ray, they make very nice coasters (for under drink glasses)! Guest

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