I too had the same problem today. I've users set up as writers role to update
content thru Contribute. We have two admins including my self. We have CPS set
up on Websphere server using LDAP authentication. When users make changes to
pages they send us for review and publish. We received two pages today for
review and publish. When I clicked on publish button, all of a sudden first it
says "can not connect to websphere1" and the I press OK and it published the
file. I did check the files were published.

After that When I click on edit mode on those two files, I can not edit them,
but if I go to other pages and edit them I CAN edit them. It does not make
sense why it told me that can not connect to websphere1 and it was still

Now in order for me to edit those file i'd to make changes on that XML file
ane make change "work_in_progress" to "published_WIP" and so forth. I then be
able to edit them. So I'd to go thru all the users desktop and change thei XML

There has to have a reason behind causing this issue. Contribute Team please
follow up on this. Because it will be really pain to change xml files to all
the users desktop everytime there is a similar problem. And also, What causing
this issue? please let me now. Thanks for your help!