I am creating a datagrid programmatically and am trying to add an
EditCommandColumn to the datagrid but I'm having a hard time getting
events for this column to fire.

Here's the code:

Dim dg as New DataGrid()
dg.AutoGenerateColumns = false
AddHandler dg.EditCommand, AddressOf grid_edit
AddHandler dg.UpdateCommand, AddressOf grid_update
AddHandler dg.CancelCommand, AddressOf grid_cancel

Dim editCol as new EditCommandColumn()
editCol.EditText = "Edit"
editCol.UpdateText = "Update"
editCol.CancelText = "Cancel"

page.FindControl("pnlMainContent").controls.Add(dg )

I'm just trying to get a trace warn out of the edit handler and just
not getting anything indicating this sub ever executed:

Public Sub grid_edit(sender As Object, e As
trace.warn("say something you ")
End Sub

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance.