I’m building a small application and I have to build it using asp.net, vb.net
and my database is MSDE. I have a datagrid with a list of customers and that
is working great. I now need to be able to edit and delete these entries.

Having done some reading I realised that there are some built in features
with datagrid that allows you to do this easily directly onto the datagrid.
Unfortunately I have a lot of customer data so this is not possible because
my datagrid would be 4 pages wide (not to user friendly).

So I’m thinking of being able to have a edit hyperlink text next to each
customer record in the datagrid that when clicked takes the user to an update
page, with all their details set out where they can update things through
text fields, drop boxes etc. How do I do this? Any comments and example code
would be very helpful.

Thank you in advance,