I bought Dreamweaver 4 specifically in order to use the template
feature. I created a template and some child pages but then every
time I tried to edit it, Dreamweaver would freeze. I reinstalled
Dreamweaver, then I tried copying the template bit by bit into a new
file in HomeSite and saved that new file as a template. That file
could be edited without Dreamweaver crashing, to my delight. I made
improvements to it, manually edited the existing 15 or so children of
the old template to now become children of the new template, then made
another 20 child pages from it. I was so thrilled to be finally making
progress on content creation again that I forgot to back up the
now-working template.

Then Dreamweaver crashed and when I opened it again, the new template
could no longer be edited without Dreamweaver freezing again. I tried
opening it in HomeSite and validating it and, still, after making sure
the code was clean and resaving it, Dreamweaver would freeze upon
trying to edit that file. I tried making a new template from a child
page according to the directions in [url]www.dreamweaver-templates.com's[/url]
"Dreamweaver 4.x Template Recovery!" tutorial (thank you!), but that
new template froze Dreamweaver too. I've tried rebuilding the cache

By now I've spent at least 40 hours poring through Macromedia's
support pages and the posts here and any linked tutorials I could
find, all trying to get templates to work, all with no luck. I'm
about to conclude that I have little choice but to drop Dreamweaver
because it appears to be more of a time sink than an aid--it must be
too fragile to be worth the effort, if its components can get
corrupted so easily. I'd love to be wrong about that. I'd SO like to
use templates.

I'm REALLY at a loss. Could someone PLEASE help me!? My site
development has been stalled so long due to this problem that I'm very

I'm running WinME with 256MB RAM. I've updated to Dreamweaver 4.01.

Thank you,