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    Default Re: Editing Text In Fireworks - Help!!

    The text (I am assuming you brought in a GIF or JPG from your description)
    is a bitmap and can't be edited by the Text tool within Fireworks. When you
    click on the Text tool, you are initiating the creation of a new Text
    object, and that is the behaviour (new empty Text object) that you are

    You would have to create the text from scratch using the font that the
    original text was in if you wanted to reproduce it.

    When you create something in Fireworks, only the PNG file retains editable
    text (unless it has been flatten/exported). The JPGs and GIFs are straight
    rasterized bitmaps by their very nature.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I hope that clears up your source of
    frustration anyway.


    "Swiss Tony" <> wrote in message
    > Hi all,
    > I have this piece of text that from our existing website that was designed
    and built by a third party. I would like to change the text from saying
    "Premises" to "Capability" but keep all the other attributes the same i.e.
    font, size etc.
    > When I open this up in Fireworks I cannot select the text tool and then
    click on the text to edit it as you would some text. Instead all that does
    is bring up the empty text box to allow you to add text. I have tried
    recreating the text and matching the font and size of the original but so
    far have been unsuccessful (and this has taken an awfully long time).
    > This is so frustrating as this one little thing is preventing me from
    implementing a large change to our existing website. I have done all the
    other hard work but this little bit of text is preventing me from going any
    > As you may have guessed I am a real novice to both Dreamweaver and
    > Tech Stuff:
    > Windows 2000 SP3
    > 512MB RAM
    > 2.6GHz Processor
    > Dreamweaver Fireworks Studio (both applications version 4)
    > The URL I have provided if of our existing website and along the top you
    will see the offending bit of text that I want to change. You will also see
    the other 3 bits of text at the top which have the text attributes that I
    want to copy so that they all look the same.
    > Can anyone point me in the correct direction so that I can amend this
    > TIA
    > Steve Mulhall
    > [url][/url]
    > Referring URLs
    > [url][/url]

    Sam Poikail Guest

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    Default Re: Editing Text In Fireworks - Help!!

    To further add to the previous reply, the best thing you can do is check the server or PC where the web site created and search for .PNG files and open them in Fireworks (downloading them first if they are on server) to see if you can find that file. Then click on the text tool to edit that text.

    If you cannot find the .PNG file, you will have to try to rereate a button like it buy trying to find the same font, background color, etc. You will have to check your site in Dreamweaver (or Fireworks if done entirely in FW) to see if the text button has the color below it or if that's a seperate button. very likely whoever drafted the site made two buttons: one called Premises with the blue bar underneath, and one called Premised with the lighter color underneath. Likely they save them as .PNG files first (which you should always do--this is referred to sometimes as your source file because it is editable) THEN exported them as GIFs. Then they likely did a rollover in DW.

    Please feel free to reply if I can be of any more assistance.

    Kay Poe Guest

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    Default Re: Editing Text In Fireworks - Help!!

    Big apologies, as I have been having real problems with my browser and consequently have posted my last reply 3 times by accident!

    Swiss Tony Guest

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    Default Re: Editing Text In Fireworks - Help!!

    you are welcome and good luck. if no one knows the name of the font on Fireworks (where youare likely to find more experienced graphics folks), you can spend a little time searching on or other fonts sites to see if you can find it.

    keep in mind 1/2 day training isn't alot and it could very well take you two weeks to figure this out on your own. if you are webmaster in addition to regular other job there (i've often seen companies think webmaster is just a simple thing) then you might consider waiting the two weeks and asking him the font name instead of neglecting your own duties. it might make you look more productive to your bosses.

    the other alternative is to change the font on all the buttons--but keep in mind you'll be having a learning curve with matching colors on the buttons and doing rollovers--so estimate for extra time. always a given when learning on your own. that's how i did it.

    again, good luck, and feel free to contact me again. now get some sleep!

    Kay Poe Guest

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    Default Re: Editing Text In Fireworks - Help!!

    I think I've made a breakthrough. Before checking on a FW forum to see if anyone knew the font in question I had a look on (as advised) and think I've made, if not an exact match, at least as close as I think I'm going to get.

    My next question is the font in question (which for the record is called Antique Olive Light) is available to purchase from as a Windows Postscript font. Can I just download this and install it and will it integrate automatically into FW or is there anything special I need to be doing?

    Thanks to all for pointing me in the correct direction


    Swiss Tony Guest

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    Default Re: Editing Text In Fireworks - Help!!

    yeah, purchase it, download it, install it (make a backup of it in case you ever lose your hard drive--you don't want to have to purchase it again)

    you may have to close and open fireworks a couple times before you see it listed, possibly even re-boot (that may be specific to my PC though)

    i'd save the old button(s), rename it so you know what it is

    then create your buttons the same size in Fireworks with the same background color and the same bar along the bottom; I can't remember if you'll create one or two (if the rollover color is in the button you'll have to make two)-- another option is to go into the GIF and highlight and delete your text and then just put your new text on it

    remember: save your file -- this will give it a PNG extention
    then, export it as a GIF since it's text
    any changes -- make to the PNG file and re-export--if you've renamed the other file you can use the new name and save it to the same directory and Dreamweaver will find it. If it's not the exact same size, you'll have to delete it in DW and re-insert the image

    I'm around most of the day good luck

    Kay Poe Guest

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    Default Re: Editing Text In Fireworks - Help!!


    When you anti-alias, are you exporting as a GIF file? Are you specifying a
    matte color that matches the dark blue background of the web page?

    Specifying the matte color, lets Fireworks know what color the target file
    will be rest on so it can create a smooth color transition between the color
    of the font and its background. Try that. You might also want to see if
    you have any luck if you just skip antialiasing all together.

    Failing that, I will see if I have a order form floating around for one of
    those foam brick, although I have herd that those Nerf guns are pretty good
    for breaking up stress. ;o)


    "Swiss Tony" <> wrote in message
    > Oh my word. Why is this proving to be so difficult?
    > I thought I 'd made a breakthrough in finding a font that looked like the
    best match compared to the orginal font but when I used this font to change
    the text the individual letters are too thick or possibly the edges are
    fuzzy (or perhaps even both). Can't seem to get it to look even close to the
    other text. I've tried all the anti-alias settings for the text in FW but
    nothing seems to satisfy.
    > So at this stage it looks like I'm back to square one (a very familar
    place right now).
    > Just for reference, the following link will direct you to the font that I
    found on and the other link it to our website so you can see (if
    you want/need) why I thought I had found a very near match:
    > [url][/url]
    > [url][/url]
    > Anyone have any suggestions/pointers/ideas/valium
    > Thanks
    > Steve

    Sam Poikail Guest

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    Default Re: Editing Text In Fireworks - Help!!

    It is always harder than expected when starting out--trust me--I am self-taught. Trust me on this, too. This is the BEST place to get info and fast.

    Try this: try what the guy said prior to me, and also try using the button right above your text box when inserting text to stretch, lengthen, shorten or heighten text. Sometimes you can get an almost identical match.

    If that doesn't work, try posting on FW forum to see if anyone knows the exact font. If that doesn't work, try contacting the guy to see if he has the font name (it's possible he did it on a Mac and you won't be able to find the matching font--hate to tell you this).

    If that doesn't work, get someone to help you. 1/2 day training is not enough to do this quickly. It is more complicated than your bosses know. With time, however, it becomes easy.

    Email back if you have anymore questions. Around about 1/2 day today. I'd go ahead and make that post to FW early because you might get answers from folks coming in throughout the day on a Friday.

    Good luck.

    Kay Poe Guest

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