Hi all,

I have a question about estimating the temporary tablespace size
during auto load in EEE Version 7.2. Hope that someone can help.

I have a table spanned across 2 nodes (SMP machine) and have several
indexes on it. I use 32K pagesize for temp, data and index
tablespaces. There are 9 indexes: one is 12 bytes and the others are
9 bytes.

When I use autoloader to load into the database, the temporary
tablespace is used during the load and I have monitored its usage.

According to the doentation,
3.2 * number of records * (average record len + 8)
is used to estimate the temporary tablespace usage during creation of

So, I sum up temporary tablespace size required for all the indexes
creation. However, I found that the space usage is nearly double the
above estimation.

1. Should I double the figure in the estimation?
2. Does the estimation also depend on the number of nodes the table
3. When a new set of data is loaded (inserted) into the table, does it
trigger a full or incremental rebuild of the indexes?

Thanks a lot!