Hi all !

I've got a very weird problem !

I was trying to make my PHP script to send emails to every subscribed
member to go faster (each email takes 1 or 2 seconds to be sent !) so
I tried to send my emails directly with Sendmail instead of the
function mail(), with the option "-odb" (delivery in background).
With this option, the script was really faster, but I noticed that all
the emails were not delivered !

I wrote a simple PHP with just a loop that sends 100 emails of 20 kb
each, with Sendmail and the delivery in background, and the results
are very weird !
- normal script (just the loop) : only 50 emails delivered (76.30
- script + sleep(0.5) after each email : 78 emails delivered (83.33
- script + sleep(1) after each email : 100 emails delivered (149.44

I also noticed that if the email gets bigger, fewer of them are
delivered !

I looked in the queue directory of Sendmail: nothing !

Is it possible that if a script goes too fast (I don't think 76 secs
for 100 emails is very fast, but ...), an email is not correctly sent

Has anybody an idea ?!