I've set the Flash embed attribute play=false and the ad properly does not play when it's loaded. I have the Flash in a hidden embed and I have a dhmtl layer over it. When I close the dhtml span, the flash starts playing which is not what I want since I haven't made it visible yet. Especially annoying w/ the sound starting up.
1. What makes the Flash start playing when the browser closes the span over it and repaints the underlying contents? Is it some event that I can supress?
2. I cannot modify the flash file itself as these files are coming from 3rd parties. I can only control the HTML and javascript in the browser window to properly hide and display the flash. So please, no solutions telling me to modify the flash file itself. The 3rd parties giving me these ads reuse them for many other purposes and it's too bersome to give me a separate version of the flash.
3. Ideally I'd prefer that the flash not play until I specifically instruct it to do so. However, as a last resort, I'd settle to just have the sound muted.