I would like to introduce soon a new namespace to CPAN, Encode::Arabic,

and ask the community for a silent consent.

The Encode::Arabic module is a wrapper for different implementations of

encoding systems used for the Arabic language, rather than the Arabic

script. The included modules fit in the philosophy of
Encode::Encoding and

can be used directly with the Encode module.

Please, see more at my website. The latter module is already
available via

CPAN, and finds general application not only in Encode::Arabic:



In case of doubts why not to choose Encode::AR ... the Encode module
already uses a kind of these, namely CN, JP, KR and MIME. I prefer
leaving these abbreviations to the authors of Encode for its
internal use.

The technology of Encode::Arabic is too different.

We are working on a similar extension for the Korean language, too. The

Encode::Korean module will be doented and announced later this year.

Thanks for attention,

Otakar Smrz

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