I have been looking for a way to enhance the coldfusion input "datefield" in my
coldfusion flash form. My basic problem is this: I need to make the calendar
that pops up display dates based on certain criteria. 1. I need the date range
to only extend in the future 3 months at a time based on today's date. 2. I
need to be able to disable weekends from the selection. 3. I need to be able to
read from a databse a list of days to disable and make them also disabled on
the calendar. To enhance this flash component I would like to find out where
the datefield is bringing in the dateChooser component, I have looked at the
source fla's for this component and cannot find out where it is actually
bringing in the component. It is however present on Scence1-DateField-Frame 2
in the Fla, but there is no actionscript associated with it. In Scene
1-DataField-ComboBase-Frame 1 I see the only actionscript in the whole fla is
referencing {

import mx.controls.ComboBase;
import mx.controls.listclasses.DataSelector;

DataSelector.Initialize(Object(ComboBase).prototyp e);

} So.... I checked out ComboBase.as and DataSelector.as where no mention of
dateChooser instance exists. I have done a lot of digging into this problem
and I know the answer is out there somewhere. Someone please help me find the
solution to some of these problems. Thanks.