Hello !

My system: Apple Mac Performa 5200
, running with MacOS 7.5.5.

With my Ethernet network card, intranet access works with browsers and VNC.

Now I would like to get DSL access.

I downloaded the non-expiring trial version of EnterNet 1.25,
as I use MacOS 7.5.5 with OpenTransport 1.3 ( although Enternet demands
MacOS 7.6),

I did a manual installation of "Enternet Classic" and not of "Enternet
RA". Installation worked.

But now configuration:

I get the error message:
"Enternet Classic is not currently selected in hte TCP/IP control panel.
You must select "Ethernet Classic" in the TCP/IP control panel before
making a connection".

But I did my lessons well, so the menu "Protocol" / " TCP/IP" shows and
that "Ethernet Classic" is selected. !!!

And indeed TCP/IP is active, and the box "just loaded when necessary" (
sorry, german tranlation of that string ) is UNCHECKED, as all advisors say.

OT 1.3 is aktive ( and not MacTCP ), selected by the "Network Selector".

FTP, HTTP, VNC are working, but Enternet complains still.

I got an external DSL modem with Ethernet access.

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