The Firmware is 1.0.0 Stuart.
Quite clearly the original camera was a lemon. I shot 400 frames at a venue
last night with the 10D and it's behaviour is way, way better than the
original one was. Do you know what the new firmware actually does and how to
get it into the camera?

"Stuart Elflett" <stuart(Don'tspamme)> wrote in message
> Sounds like a lemon... the 30 seconds to display gives that kind of a
> feel - but you don't know how long a good one will take if that's the
> only example, do you... :-)
> Can you check your firmware by any chance?? It's in the exif data,
> and I think can be seen at the bottom of the menu's too... just
> interested if you have the new firmware or not... V1.0.1 I believe...
> Cheers,
> Stuart