Almost no FTP servers list their site structure using the Windows
harddrive names, i.e.:


That's where the error is coming from. What if you leave the Host
directory field blank? What directory do you automatically connect to?

-- Mike

Michael Langner
Macromedia Technical Support

"Amethyst Rose" [email][/email] wrote:
> I'm using Dreamweaver MX, and when I try to "put" my entire site on my remote webserver I get the following message:
> Unable to create remote folder /c:/websites/freeinhim/money/images.
> 550 /c:/: Permission denied.
> I have the Site FTP settings set for Passive FTP (per instructions from my web hosting company). I get this message whether or not the directories already exist, and I get the message for every subdirectory on the site. I can "put" the individual files from within the directory, but I none of the files from subdirectories will publish if a directory is chosen to publish.
> I am currently having to resort to creating the directories manually using FTP and publishing by selecting the files from within the directory in Dreamweaver MX.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> --Barbara