I've been having trouble using the "drag to rotate" action on a 3D model. I created a new movie which only has a 3D sprite with a single model in it. I added the "drag to rotate" to the sprite and called the group "rotate". Since there is only one model, I didn't have to choose one. Then I added the "mouse left" trigger with any time the button is pressed, no modifiers and "rotate - X axis".

When I test this I get "Script Error: Object has been deleted"

It indicates this as the line with the error:

pMember.model(aModel).rotate(pMember.model(aModel) .worldPosition, \
pCamera.transform.yAxis ,(tDiff * pSensitivity), #world)

(lines 380 & 381 in the script source)

If I remove this behavior and use the automatic rotation, that works fine.

Is my script file likely to be messed up or is there something else I'm missing here?